Efficient and precise order picking

The essentials of slow-moving parts management

For efficient slow-moving parts management, it is essential that the items can be accessed quickly and the space needed to store a wide range of products is kept as small as possible. Kardex Remstar has the right answer here, because the high order picking performance of the Kardex Remstar LR 35 makes it the ideal solution for the highly dense storage and retrieval of goods with low turnover frequency.

The Kardex Remstar LR 35 is especially ideal for medium-sized businesses and wholesalers with comprehensive 24-hour service and overnight delivery, because the high order picking performance of up to 500 order lines per picking station and hour minimizes processing times for the wide range of slow-moving parts kept in stock. In addition, direct delivery of the goods to the workstation reduces waiting times and the distance covered by the operating personnel, while also cutting the number of employees needed. Performance is further increased by processing the orders using the batch-picking method.

Storage and retrieval of slow-moving parts can be efficiently managed while saving resources with the help of this innovative system.

The advantages at a glance
  • Significantly improved order picking performance
  • Error-free order picking
  • Optimal retrieval of slow-moving parts
  • Highly dense storage
  • High energy efficiency
  • Fewer employees required, cutting costs
  • Shorter distances covered by personnel
  • Flexible unit dimensions
  • Less storage space required