Communicator Pro

The Solution for ERP and Warehouse Management Systems

Communicator Pro is the storage solution for all enterprises that already operate an ERP or WMS system whilst striving to get even greater performance from their dynamic storage systems.


Host-Controlled Location Management
– Material, inventories, strategies and all other storage activities in connection with location management are managed directly by the host system.

Automatic Host Interface – A general interface allowing the bidirectional transfer of material master data and order-related data with a host system. Data can be transferred by standard text files (ASCII text files), CSV or XML files, database tables (ODBC), or via specific host interfaces such as SAP IDOCs, BaaN - protocols or data loops. Online connection to host is possible.


  • Material master data synchronisation with host
  • Order synchronisation with host
  • Action result reporting (booking list export)
  • Inventory orders
  • Kit list import