NiceHair – fast picking of items for an online shop

The Danish e-commerce retailer of hair and cosmetic products was founded in 2008 and now sells around 10,000 items from more than 200 brands in its online shop. The products were previously stored in a conventional warehouse. In order to be able to keep more items in stock in future, while also meeting requirements in relation to process efficiency, order picking performance, and ergonomics, the company decided to invest in a modern storage system from Kardex Remstar.


  • Increase order picking performance
  • Reduce the amount of space needed for storage
  • Improve ergonomics


  • Installing Megamat units together with Power Pick Global has improved order picking productivity by 150 percent (through batch picking, among other things)
  • Between 5,000 and 6,000 order lines processed per shift
  • The amount of space needed for storage has been reduced by 60 percent
  • Additional items can be kept in stock in future through the creation of resources
  • Retrieving items in line with the goods-to-person principle has improved ergonomics

Scope of delivery:

  • 6 Megamat RS 350 units
  • Power Pick Global software


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