Johnson Controls – conditioned buffer storage for automated production line

The automotive supplier needed an efficient conditioning system for the interim storage of its door panel supports on a three-shift operation. By adding water, the parts take on their final shape while being stored here.


  • Set up a fully automatic production line including a buffer storage system for door panels
  • Special climatic conditions required in the buffer storage system to allow the parts to take their final shape within an hour by adding water
  • Fast retrieval of parts


  • Fully automated delivery and storage of the parts in shuttles
  • Integration of a conditioning system at a temperature of 25°C and 65% humidity
  • Using a double extractor and a specially developed process when swapping trays has halved the cycle time of the storage and retrieval process
  • New production line provides up to 360,000 vehicles a year with 4 doors each

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 Shuttle FSE 3.6 systems
  • Conditioning system (air, temperature)
  • 24/7 service contract for fast assistance in the event of problems

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