Abena – more efficient order picking with pick-to-light trolleys

The Danish manufacturer of hygiene products wanted to increase the speed and precision of order picking processes in its distribution warehouse. This aim was successfully achieved by using Kardex Remstar’s dynamic lift systems alongside wireless order picking trolleys with pick-to-light equipment.


  • Efficient picking of small items from an extensive product range
  • Better management of peak order times
  • High picking accuracy


  • Items stored and retrieved with a Shuttle XP
  • Integration of a pick-to-light solution to increase precision
  • Kardex “Dynamic Zones” software optimizes the picking process
  • Improved ergonomics through the use of shuttles
  • Amount of required storage space reduced

Scope of delivery:

  • 18 Shuttle XP systems
  • 5 order picking trolleys with pick-to-light equipment
  • Power Pick Global software with Dynamic Zones and WMS interface

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